Advantages of using
self-service kiosks in retail

Payment kiosk is a multifunctional digital platform that effectively solves the retailer's sales automation tasks. We offer one of the most advanced solutions on the market, allows:

1. Deployment of any product showcases or existing online store in the web interface of a modern widescreen kiosk — self-service filling of interactive product cart or self-service physical checkout through barcode scanner.

2. Self-payment of generated order in cash, by credit card, by bonuses (implementation of any loyalty programs).

3. Connecting the kiosk to the laser printer for printing invoices and self-receipt of goods in the store or at the pickup points.

4. Our software allows to simultaneously use the self-service kiosk as price checker, information counter, feedback form, digital panel with advertising banners, video and animation. You decide which modules are required for your kiosks and at which points of sale.

For modern buyers self-service kiosks are a familiar and popular devices for purchasing goods.
According to our customers, the implementation results are:

1. Staff costs reduce — replace of cashiers and refocusing staff to help buyers place orders through kiosk. Reduction of employees for creating documents for dispense goods at the warehouse.

2. Rental space reduction — most of the goods, including large ones now in a digital display showcase, there is possibility to leave minimum amount of samples for demonstration.

3. Omnichannel system extension — combine of an online store, mobile application and self-service kiosk to create single retail platform.

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