Ticket sales automation: results of the kiosks implementation in the New Jerusalem museum

At the end of the November we announced the launch of kiosks on our software in one of the largest museums in Russia — New Jerusalem. Now we want to share the first results of implementation and customer plans for future using of the solution.

On the first day kiosks sold 700 tickets, there is more than 400 purchase operations. According to information from the museum’s management New Jerusalem is considered as the most visited regional museum in the country. According to the Moscow Region Ministry of Culture in the past 10 months museum visited about 368 thousand people and in 2020 attendance will increase by 25%.

A large people flow led to constant queues — it took more than 1 hour to buy tickets, while some visitors always needed additional information, which increases the waiting time. The museum complex in addition to exhibition events also have the concert hall with a wide repertoire, organizes conferences and master classes, which further increases the load on the ticket sale and help desk unit.

As a result of the implementation ticket kiosks have reduced the purchase tickets time to a few minutes. For each exhibition or concert event now there is interactive information to help visitor quickly make a decision about a visit. If visitor wants to buy tickets for concert events, there is convenient interactive hall map with data on available seats and cost depending on the distance to the stage and seat type. At the kiosks additionally available the functionality of the entire website of the museum complex for search of reference information.

The museum chose cashless kiosks as the first devices for installation. In the near future models with recyclers for receiving and dispensing cash will also be installed on the territory of the complex.

At the moment museum is ready for the effective sale of tickets to regular and massive flows of visitors, offer comprehensive information about all present and future exhibitions and events. In addition to bank cards self-service cash payments and change dispense will be offered very soon without the participation of cashiers in order to completely exclude cashiers from the ticket sales process and its maximum acceleration.

In addition to the implementation of kiosks for the individual facilities, we have wide possibilities for adapting our ticket software to automate the activities of ticket operators and ticket services. Our solution provides:

  • Integration with the ticket website with minimal cost
  • Kiosk system integration with external accounting system
  • Payment scenario adjustment for specific business requirements
  • A combine of multiple sites in one kiosk
  • Integration of specialized ticket equipment (ticket and form printers, scanners, etc.)
  • Powerful features for set and display interactive advertising

All kiosks are managed centrally through a single back office. System provides online monitoring and statistics on financial transactions, technical condition of devices.

We also have wide experience in developing mobile and web applications for accepting payments and we are ready to provide our capabilities for implementation of various ticket sales services.

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