Features update for kiosks in fitness clubs

We continue to work on improving the capabilities of our new software for widescreen kiosks, used in fitness clubs, wellness and sports areas. We are ready to share information about the new features and capabilities that are being developed and implemented in accordance with the customers requirements and the development of this sector.

Membership freeze

Now user can freeze their membership cards from the personal account for accessible period with the ability to select the number of days and detailed information about the available freezing days.

Training cancellation from personal account

User can view and cancel previously scheduled trainings in the service management section.

Arrears payment for one-time customers

Customers who do not have a permanent membership in the fitness club now also have the opportunity to pay arrears through a kiosk. They as registered members bring bracelet (card) for authorization and if there is arrears, they can pay for it. Other personal account functionality is not available to them.

Empty spaces for training

Added functionality for checking the availability of empty spaces when select training. If there are no spaces, system will not allow to processed.

General optimization

Improved handling and display of errors in case of their occurrence.

Soft-logic company continues to expand its own software for self-service kiosks in fitness clubs with interfaces based on modern web technologies. Our solutions allow to effectively automate establishment of any size, significantly reduce the cost of administrative staff, are the basis for implementation of modern technologies for goods/services sales with huge marketing functionality support.

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