Features update for kiosks in fitness clubs

We continue to work on improving the capabilities of our new software for widescreen kiosks used in fitness clubs, wellness and sports areas. We are ready to share information about the new features and capabilities that are being developed and implemented in accordance with the customers requirements and the development of this sector.

Club schedule

Implemented a separate page with information about training for a particular day. Data includes the training name, the trainer name, time, hall, description. The client can independently check all club offers and make a decision about visiting. In the future, it is possible to refine the functionality for buying trainings directly through the schedule page.

Customer accounts recharge

Added the ability to recharge customer accounts. At the same time implemented a management system for several accounts. For example, if client has several personal accounts in 1C Fitness, our software allows to select the one which he need and recharge it. A personal account can be used to pay for various related goods and services – fitness bar, parking, etc.

In the process of recharging the account in addition to manually entering the amount, for the convenience of users have been added hot keys with preset amounts based on club prices.

Payment of arrears

Added functionality of selective or single payment of the entire list of debts. Suitable for clubs with postpaid payment system.

Payment cart

Implemented payment basket which allows to add all services (subscriptions and one-time trainings) and pay for them with a single payment.

Soft-logic company continues to expand its own software for self-service kiosks in fitness clubs with interfaces based on modern web technologies. Our solutions allow to effectively automate establishment of any size, significantly reduce the cost of administrative staff, are the basis for implementation of modern technologies for goods/services sales with huge marketing functionality support.

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