Fitness club automation - new modern interfaces

One of the key factors in the use of kiosks for sales automation is a high-quality interface and its influence on business processes. Bright, multifunctional screens not only increase the overall effectiveness from the devices implementation, but also increase the positive experience in the process of purchasing goods or services, loyalty and the overall profitability/cost reduction for the business.

All areas are different, in some cases do not require any special design when it comes to a one-time payment for parking or visit of amusement park. In such situations only need to implement a basic branded interface consisting of several screens with buttons. At the same time, need remember to take into account the color scheme of the screens to match the installation place and the lighting conditions, that the user can conveniently operate the kiosk in the process of choosing services and paying.

But what if the customer is a large fitness club, with services include a lot of offers and each client has several personal accounts for various payments categories and kiosk should be able to provide agreement conclusion and dispense a membership card?

Modern fitness market participants are medium and large club networks, developing own brand, caring for style, creating a unique atmosphere. Such customers consider only widescreen kiosks and gradually increase the requirements for the interface, usability, they want a modern UX and a high-quality UI at the same time (we don’t even mention the quality of the software solution, everything should be at high level). By the way, the combination of UX/UI is not so important for the training sales, since in most cases the client already knows (looked at the site, saw in the advertisement) what approximate set of services he needs or he is already a regular member of the club. Rather it is important to obtain a positive experience and maintain the club status, a visual image, and of course, provide powerful functionality.

Take into account market requirements, we develop and improve new interfaces for various areas, including fitness. At the same time, we note a confident reduction in demand for the usual 22" self-service kiosks and the growing interest in 32" widescreen vertical kiosks with cashless payments. A new generation of interfaces for such devices supports all the capabilities of web technologies - any content can be displayed on the kiosk.

Based on the main requirements of the fitness clubs owners and working cases functionality include authorization via RFID card or bracelet, a personal account with the purchasing cards option (memberships with a services set), services packages or one-time visits.



The presence of various personal accounts is an important requirement of the club owners, use to attract more cash from clients, for example, due to an increased discount when paying for trainings from a personal account. Effectively increases the number of regular clients (who keep large amounts on the club account), attracts new ones, increases loyalty (due to discounts and bonuses when paying). A small plus for visitors is that they don’t need to have payment tools with them all the time.


The card management functionality is the memberships extension and freeze/unfreeze, in a number of clubs it is a novelty, in medium and large networks it is obligatory.

Bright screen with a services showcase, description, price, upsell, etc. May include the choice of a trainer, additional conditions. Mandatory splitting by categories, sorting, search by name, tags.



In recent years, the overall quality of interfaces and usability requirements in all business areas related to the services provision, the sale of goods at all possible devices, in the web and mobile sector has increased dramatically. People now understand clearly what is quality interface and want to use it, intuitively love with “eyes” and enjoy the use of bright, high-quality, multifunctional screens. And business also has an understanding of what is a quality interface and there is a desire and willingness to invest in the development of a solution.

Want to sell efficiently and with low costs? Automate the processes starting from the first contact of the potential customer with the sales tool. Take care of a positive experience in the sales process. Strive to attract an audience? Implement solutions with high-quality interfaces, think like your client and try to imagine same feels from using the self-service kiosk.

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